Live Programs

This is my favorite part. I am a certified secondary education teacher by trade there’s nothing I love more than empowering and inspiring the rising generation. My programs are all designed for young adults, but they can be adapted for groups of tweens and adults too. I have over 15 years experience speaking in schools, churches, and community organizations. I currently offer three live programs in conjunction with The Be Brave Campaign:

1. Be Brave: Honoring Yourself, and Making It Safe for Others to Do the Same

Anger is almost never someone’s primary emotion. They usually feel something like hurt, humiliation, or sadness first and then translate it into anger because it feels more powerful.

This program is designed to give the group the tools they need to identify their primary emotions and find safe, productive ways to cope with them without anger. It also covers how to honor the difficult emotions of others and what to do when someone’s feelings are too big for you to handle alone.

2. Friends Forever: Forging Lasting Friendships in the Snapchat Age

Making close friends is one of the healthiest things a person can do for themselves. Making friends used to be easy, but our digital world limits face to face contact and is making it a lot harder. Loneliness is becoming a modern plague. Everyone has lots contacts and casual acquaintances, but most people feel some degree of isolation and disconnectedness. Previous generations grew up making friends and took lessons on using computers. The current generation is growing up using computers and needs assistance making friends.

This program is designed to revive the lost art of making best friends. It starts at the very beginning and gets into the nuts and bolts of meeting, connecting, developing and maintaining close friendships.

3. Avoiding Addiction: Building Your Personal Resilience

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 people in this country is currently struggling with addiction, which means there are plenty of people who “knew better” addicted to emotion numbing substances and activities. Have you ever asked yourself why smart, capable people form addictions?

It’s obviously not as simple as “Just Saying No.” If it were, we wouldn’t have an addiction problem in our country. This program is designed to be an immunization for addiction. It teaches a three step process for building personal resilience and so that addictive substances and activities don’t take hold.

Scheduling a Presentation:

If you are interested in bringing me in to present to your group, please contact me for pricing and availability.

PLEASE NOTE: I am typically booked approximately 60 days in advance. Thank you for understanding and planning accordingly.