Q. Is the information on your site only for young men?

A. No, about 50% of the site is directed toward helping young men get out of the Man Box. The other 50% of the site is directed toward helping everyone learn to accept and value young men who don’t fit in the Man Box – because it’s almost impossible to get out of the Man Box if the people you care about won’t let you.

Q. Are your Live presentations only for young men?

A. My presentations are about recognizing emotions, making friends, and avoiding addictions. They are designed to be applicable to everyone. I adapt each presentation to meet the needs of the group I will be talking to.

Q. I have something to add to this conversation, would you publish an article I’ve written about it?

A. Yes! Please see the submission guidelines for more information.

Q. Do you pay your guest authors?

A. I wish. Most of my guest authors submit here because they believe in the Be Brave Mission and want to help move it forward. The only money I make on this site is from my live presentations and all of that goes right back into the campaign and spreading the message. I do promote all of my guest authors all over social media.

Q. Do you accept syndicated content, or only original work?

A. As long as you own the content, have permission to republish it, and have the appropriate credits linked, I am willing to republish strong content that helps move the Be Brave Campaign forward.

Q. How much do you charge for live presentations?

A. $300 for a one hour presentation or $600 for up to 3, one hour presentations, plus travel expenses.