About the Site

You probably know girls feel an unspoken pressure to be beautiful, but did you know boys feel a similar pressure to be unemotional? It’s true.

Girls see magazines and websites full of photoshopped portraits defining what women “should” look like. Boys see TV shows and movies full of unemotional, superhero-like men defining what men “should” feel like.

This might not sound like a big deal, but showing emotion and vulnerability is how humans connect, so boys who grow up trying to be unemotional prevent themselves from forming close relationships. Without social support, it becomes much more likely that these boys will grow up and use anger, violence and addictive activities and substances to soothe themselves during difficult times.

Boys Cry Too is here to give parents of young men the tools they need to help their sons navigate this complicated emotional landscape and retain their right to feel and connect with the people around them.

About the Author

ChristineChristine Walker is a freelance writer, educator and mother of four boys. She condenses current research, expert strategies and experiences from the lives of real men into resources parents can use to stay connected to the boys and young men they love.